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Wild West Solitaire

Do you ever need to take a break from the stresses of modern society? Escape into the frontier spirit in Wild West Solitaire! Turn cards over in an effort to remove them, forming stacks of cards that build up at both ends of the screen. Play solitaire against the clock, under pressure. Choose your favorite cards and see how many hands you can beat before time runs out! If you enjoy solitaire games where you have to quickly stack up all the cards without any given instructions required other than moving one card at a time onto an adjacent card with 1-2 other removed cards already placed on top, then Wild West Solitaire - online game is just what you are looking for. Pair that experience with timed play that pressures players into faster gameplay which requires them to be more mindful of their decisions involving specific types of deals they may select in regards to certain rewards versus risk. Features specific goals within each level as well as punishing details should anyone leave their stall unattended or ignore building sequences. The game of solitaire is about to get a whole lot wilder. Discover the spookier side of Solitaire (and win some coins too). Get your guns ready for an exciting new Solitaire game, with colorful top-hatted cowboys instead of traditional red and black cards.

Wild west solitaire is a solitaire game with a wild west theme. Challenge the cowboys and cowgirls and the villains in the wild west. The standard solitaire rules apply.

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