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Tri Towers Solitaire

Tri Towers Solitaire is a different version of the classic solitaire game where you have a deck of cards that you draw a card from one at a time and you then try to place those cards alternating red to black and forming face up decks on the table that go down in card value. Instead, the Tri Towers Solitaire reveals three cards at a time rather than just the one. Then, you try placing the cards of three, starting with the last one you drew. Aces can go in one of the initial four spots at the top, past where the face-up card stacks are. Your points are listed in the top right corner, and they slowly go down as time progresses on. The amount of time you've spent on the game is visible in the top left corner of the game. You can also restart the game whenever you want from the menu.

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