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Solitaire Quest

I am an avid game player, and I always like to try new games. Sometimes they are so good that you want to share them with everyone! Solitaire Quest is one of those games. This is a solitaire card game played on a virtual table by clicking cards from the deck to form groups for points. It has many different levels and can be played in either timed or untimed mode, depending on which way you prefer the challenge. Sounds too easy? It is! This game has a twist that makes it challenging, sometimes frustrating, and always fun to play. You can earn coins for each level completed, but the first few levels are pretty simple. From there on out, you will need some strategy and luck to win this solitaire card game. There are also different solitaires in Solitaire Quest, including Spider, Klondike (regular), Pyramid, etc. With many options available within the “Settings” tab, this one is sure to keep you entertained for hours upon end before becoming boring! The graphics are stunning, and this is one of my favorite games ever!

Solitaire Quest features more than 40 challenging levels. Choose you level in the solitaire quest map. Each rond a card is given to you, you can choose a card with a number higher or lower. You win when all your cards are played. After each round you will receive points and tokens. With the tokens you can buy power ups in solitaire quest. Each round will have a different objective. Sometimes it is to play all cards, it can also be a goal to capture a special card.

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