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Solitaire Legend

Solitaire Legend opens up with piano music, and then you have options including the one to start the game. The game has the basic rules of solitaire, which include stacking all the cards of the deck from Ace to 2. You can choose to do 1 to 3 cards stack in the options area. You can also change options here about the suit as well if you so desire.

There's a clock for counting how long it's taking you, as well as 4 areas to put the aces. To get more cards, you click on the deck area in the top left. The main thing that's different in this game is that the elements are more stylized. In other words, you have a mountainous backdrop, and the cards look a bit different than normal with a more stylized look. In the top part of the game board, you have areas that show how many points you've earned, under an icon of a star, as well as how many transfers you've made with the arrows symbol that is listed there.

Solitaire Legends is as the title says a legendary version of the Solitaire game. The gameplay is classic. You must remove all cards from the deck by stacking them from Ace to 2. The game looks modern, but that's logical because it is released in 2020 by Famobi. Solitaire legends is playable on PC, MAC, tablet, and mobile because of the HTML5 technology used. You can choose between 1 or 3 cards stack in the option. There you can also change the suits and other settings.

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