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Solitaire FRVR

Solitaire FRVR is an online version of the classic Klondike Solitaire tabletop card game by game developer FRVR. The player's only goal is to rearrange cards from seven vertical piles known as columns located near the upper middle portion of the table into four suits (i.e. clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades) by color in the four foundation areas located on the left side of the table. A face-down pile of cards from the deck is located on the right side below the piles. The player can draw cards from it at any time to help them rearrange the other cards and complete the foundation piles.

To move cards, the player must merely tap, drag and drop one card onto another. The columns are arranged with some upturned cards overlapping downturned ones. The player rearranges the cards using a descending order by opposite color, which means that they tap a card of any color and then drag and drop it onto the card of a different color that's the next highest in sequence. For example, they might drop a black Five of Spades onto a red Six of Diamonds. When they move an upturned card, the closest downturned one in the pile flips over.

To start the foundation piles, the player needs Ace cards from each suit. When they find an Ace in the columns, they can move it to a foundation slot by double tapping it. Once they have an Ace in place, they then move cards by suit to it starting with the 2 card and then following sequential ascending order until they complete the pile with a King card. They must repeat this process with all four suits.

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