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Solitaire Farm Seasons

Solitaire Farm Seasons is a standard-deck card game that offers a unique, mahjong-style twist to traditional Solitaire games. Although a player must perform sequential ordering of cards, they remove the cards from layers instead of columns on a farm-themed playfield.

The player attempts to select the next ascending or descending card that matches the first face-up card from the draw pile. If they draw an Ace, for example, then they would look for a King or 2 card on the top layer for a match. If they're unsuccessful, they must select the next card on the draw pile and continue until they've found matches that help them remove cards from the layers. To win a level, the player must remove every card from the field.

The main goal of Solitaire Farm Seasons is for the player to complete 120 levels along a stepping stone and dirt path from the farmhouse through the fields and orchards to a red barn. Along the way, they earn coins that they can use to unlock additional levels and purchase Joker substitution cards and draw pile cards. They also earn coins by growing and harvesting wheat, tomatoes, pumpkins, apples, sunflowers, blueberries and lemons.

Additionally, the game provides boosters that make removing the layers easier, such as a key card that unlocks lock cards and a watermelon card that removes all face-up cards near it. The player merely needs to complete missions to earn boosters, such as remove a certain number of cards or aces and collect stars. They can also win rewards by completing bonus streaks, opening daily gift boxes and spinning a prize wheel.

How To Play

Pick a face-up card on the playfield that is the next ascending or descending to match the face-up card from the draw pile. If there isn't a match, pick another card from the pile. Use boosters to clear away cards faster. Maintain the farm and complete missions.


Mouse: To select a face-up playfield or draw-pile card, click the card.
Mobile: To select any card, tap the card with a finger or stylus.

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