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Solitaire Daily challenge

Solitaire Daily Challenges is a game that has a new challenge every day. When you click to play the game, it actually pops up a calendar that selects the current day that you are on. From here, the game begins. In the bottom left corner, you can see a box that's labeled “Time.” This starts at 0 and begins to count forward from the point you click on your first card.

The next box over says “bonus.” This starts at 1000 and goes down second by second. If you solve the solitaire game, then you'll get the bonus amount listed. This means that the faster you solve solitaire, the more points you'll get from the bonus.

The third box says “points,” and it gives you points for every move you make within the game. You can also hit the hint button which will show you a possible move that you can make by highlighting and moving one of the cards on the board. The rest of the game is just normal solitaire, where you are trying to match cards from the deck onto the row of cards on the board, going black to red, and descending by number value.

Play Solitaire Daily challenge, in this solitaire game you will get a new challenge each day. Each day you are presented with a new solitaire challenge for you to play. Do you have what it takes to clear each challenge?

Select the day

Finished the current daily challenge? You can go back and play the older daily challenges.

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