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Master Solitaire

Master Solitaire is a solitaire game based on the basic rules. Can you beat the game? Then you truly need to be a master at Solitaire. Think before you play in master solitaire.

3 Solitaire games in one

You can choose between 3 solitaire games in master solitaire: Standard solitaire, freecell solitaire or spiderette. The standard solitaire rules apply. Clear the table by ordering cards by suit and rank them onto the foundations.

Tap or click

You can play master solitaire with a mouse or on your phone or tablet by tapping and dragging.
With Master Solitaire there are actually three different games I can enjoy, three basic methods of solitaire play. There is classic solitaire, which everyone is familiar with, spider solitaire, one of the oldest versions of the game in which the object of the game is to move all the cards, in descending order from Aces to 2's on one of four solitaire piles, and Freecell solitaire a game in which all the cards are dealt face-up, and it is estimated that 99 percent of all moves are solvable, making it a very fast game to play.

The best part of Master solitaire is I can play Master Solitare on a PC, using a mouse, or on a tablet or cellphone by tapping and dragging the cards with fingers, making it a play anywhere, exciting game.

And there is literally no charge to download the game.