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Kings And Queens Solitaire Tripeaks

Kings and Queens Solitaire TriPeaks is a lighthearted, visually stunning card game that unfolds on a themed playfield above a valley meadow, tropical beach, snow-topped mountain and other picturesque landscapes. The player's primary goal is to clear the playfield of layers of face-down and face-up standard cards by selecting an ascending or descending card in sequence based on draw-pile cards. If they draw a 2 card, for example, they must find and remove an Ace or 3 card. If there's no sequential card available, they continue drawing cards from the pile until they find one. If they run out of moves, they must replay the level.

The player also collects coins, stars, cards, boosters and daily rewards. They earn coins when they select certain cards or reveal a jackpot card. They also win coins for every draw pile card that remains at the end of a level and with the daily reward. Coins allow them to buy additional draw cards and lives to replay levels and the ability to undo previous moves. They can also buy boosters, such as Jokers that replace any card and magnets that remove three random face-up cards. Stars unlock new landscapes.

Kings and Queens Solitaire TriPeaks challenges players with "Hard" levels. They must clear the field and then clear a second or third set of cards that slide onto the field from the side. They can also compete against friends or strangers and check their stats on a leaderboard.

How To Play

Select the ascending or descending card from the playfield that's next based on the face-up card from the draw pile. If no card is available, pull another from the pile. Use boosters to remove cards from the field or add cards to the pile.


Mouse: To select a card, click it using the left mouse button.
Mobile: To select a card, tap it using the tip of a finger or stylus on a touch screen or pad.

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