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Kiba and Kumba Tri Towers Solitaire

Kiba and Kumba Tri towers solitaire is a tropical-themed game. One thing that excites me is that I can play it on my desktop, laptop, ipad or smart phone for free. All I need is internet connectivity. What is the game all about? Kiba and Kumba involve helping the two monkeys collect all the playing cards on the playing sector within the time given. When I am stuck, the game offers a wild card that I can use to win rounds. If you love adventures and critical thinking, this is the game for you. The game will get you thinking about the next move until you clear all the three peaks made from cards. The main objective of playing the Kiba and Kumba tri towers solitaire is to help the two monkeys find their castle hidden in the jungle. Visit the site to experience a different level of fun as you target to break the record in higher scores.

Join the two monkeys on a fun solitaire adventure and discover their castle hidden in the jungle! Objective of the game is to clear all three peaks made of cards. Only cards that are lower or higher than the card at the bottom deck can be removed. Use a wild card if you are stuck and try to win as many rounds as possible. Can you earn a high score?

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