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Happy Farm Solitaire

Happy Farm Solitaire, a farm-themed Solitaire card game, offers unique twists to classic Klondike play.

The game presents a player with seven vertical columns of 28 faceup and facedown cards and a facedown draw pile. It places the cards at the center of a farm field in the mountains. The player must move all the cards into four foundation cells above the columns by rearranging them into single-color, ascending, sequential piles (A, 2, 3, 4... and so on) and suits (hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs). They reveal facedown cards and perform moves by reordering the column cards based on alternating-color, descending, sequential builds (K, Q, J, 10... and so on). They can also pull one or three cards from the draw pile.

Although the player can reset the draw pile repeatedly and use undo and hint buttons, the game doesn't make finding solutions easy. In some levels, it features two decks like Spider with half the cards based on farm and wild foods and the other half on animals and people. The player can't mix categories between columns. For example, they can't place a food-based Queen below a King from the animals and people category. On the other hand, Happy Farm Solitaire throws out this rule if the player moves certain cards from the draw pile. That said, the player can't choose where a card lands, which means that it might land out of sequence or block the bottom of a build.

How to Play:

Reveal facedown cards and build piles for the foundations. Use cards from the draw pile. Double-click cards from the draw pile to transfer some cards, as dictated by the game, to the columns. Play daily challenge games and achieve certain goals to unlock additional deck themes and playfields.


Mouse: To move a card between columns or to the foundation area, click the card, hold down the left button, and drag it to a new position.
Mobile: To rearrange cards, touch a card, keep the finger or stylus tip pressed against the screen or trackpad, and slide the card to a new position.

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