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Free Cell is a relaxing solitaire game that gives hours of fun for players. The online version of Free Cell is downloadable and can be played on all operating systems including Linux, Windows and, Mac. Free Cell is easy to play with hint and undo options to help new players learn and enjoy the game quickly.

The game is made up of eight tableaus. The first 4 tableaus have seven cards while the last four have six cards. The foundation consists of empty cells that need to be filled. To play the game, the player should place all the cards from the tableaus on the foundations starting with Aces through to Kings. To move the cards to the foundation, players need to move cards from one tableau to another according to rank. They move the lower card from one tableau and place it below the higher card in the other tableau. When the card to be moved to the foundation is at the bottom of the tableau, players can drag it to the foundation or set autoplay where the card automatically moves to the foundation. The time taken and the number of moves taken to win are measured by the game. Once players learn to play online Free Cell, they can enjoy a fun and relaxing game for hours.

Freecell, the ultimate classic solitaire game. In our version suitable for phone, tablet, pc and mac you can play the game for free. It is very different from most solitaire games. Few deals are unsolvable and all cards are dealt face-up from the very beginning of the game.

Rules of Freecell

As you can see in the picture, the field consists of 3 different sections. At the top left we have the empty boxes in which cards can be held temporarily (free cells). To the right you see the 4 discard piles where all cards must be collected, if we want to speak in Freecell terms we call this the foundation. And below that, 52 cards are divided into 8 piles. There are 7 cards on the first 4 stacks and 6 on the last 4 stacks. These are all cards from 1 pack without the jokers and the cards are always open, so with the image facing up. We call this part the tableau.

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