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Freecell Classic

Most iterations of this game are usually very cartoonish and animated in style. Freecell Classic however is a very nice change of pace from the usual versions of Solitaire that I have played. The style of the board is rustic and has a nice texture, it feels as if you're playing a card game. The style of the cards is a nice change of pace as well. Instead of a solid white mess, I have variety with weathered cards.

I can move cards how I please and with an extra few combinations in case, some of the given cards don't fit in their current space. The cards themselves with their layout don't feel like a mess, the columns feel perfect and pleasing to my eye. Dragging the cards to alternate between red and black is smooth as well. The spacing of each card behind the other is perfect and is helpful in calculating any future moves I might make.

Freecell is a more friendly way to lead into Solitaire. The spaces marked for each suite help me to understand where each card goes and ultimately helps me play the game better.

Overall, if I was new to Solitaire then FreeCell Classic would be the way to go. The style is pleasing to my eyes as well as easy to play with just the right amount of challenge. If I happen to make a mistake then I don't need to worry, I can always try again and it never gets boring.

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