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Crescent Solitiare

In Crescent Solitaire, you have to match cards by color and number. You can use a single card or a group of cards from your hand. As you complete these matches, the cards will disappear from the tableau piles below. If any part of a pile is empty at the end of your turn, it will be filled with new drawn cards from the deck until all spaces are occupied again. The object is to clear as many piles as possible before running out of moves.

Crescent Solitaire is a browser-based, casual solitaire game inspired by the classic Windows title as well as the PC version created by PopCap Games. The goal is to remove all cards from the table.

There are three game modes: Adventure, Classic and Two-Deck (solitaire plus mahjong). Players can earn points by playing levels on the Adventure mode that provide stars to unlock new levels of adventure mode or new decks in card games. The more stars you earn in each level, the more chance for cards (new decks) to be unlocked.

There are three ways of removing all cards from the table: by finding pairs; removing groups of three or four-of-a-kind; and removing all cards at once-through use of a joker card. Suns can be earned by making quick matches, and those can be used as joker cards.

Scoring is based on the number of tableau piles you clear (in both Adventure and Classic modes). The lower this number, the better your score will be. In Two-Deck mode, all clearing combinations are assigned a specific point value that is multiplied by the number of cards left in the deck to give your final score.

Crescent Solitaire is one of those games that never go out of style! It's simple enough for anyone to play but challenging enough for veteran card players too!

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