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5 Dice

Looking for a fun game to play with friends or family? If so, this is the perfect one! The 5 Dice is a simple game that we can learn in just seconds. We will need at least two people to play and five dice. The goal of the game is to fill up all five cups without any dice left over. To start, each one of us takes turns rolling all five dice. We then take whichever die we want and put it into an empty cup on our side of the board (one die per cup). After each of us has had a turn, we should take one die from our opponent's cups if possible (unless both of us have filled every cup). Once each of us has taken turns filling up all five cups with dice, the game ends. Any one of us who manages to collect all five dice first wins! Besides enjoying this game, I like it as an educational tool, especially when learning about probability and statistics. This is because I will see how likely I am to get certain results when rolling dice over time.

Play 5 dice, also know als Yahtzee. You can choose between all game modes of 5 dice:
- 5 dice
- Yahtzee
- Beat score
- Play against dice master
- Play against friends

The rules

The goal is to make as many points as possible. You have 5 dices and 3 draws per round and a total of 13 boxes to complete.


Choose the best slot to fill according to the draw obtained.
Each slot can be filled only once.
Obligation to choose a slot after the 3 draws.

Sometimes it will be necessary to sacrifice a box because combinations will suit the game.

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