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3D Solitaire

3D solitaire, this solitaire game is in a stunning 3D world with great graphics. The game itself follows the standard solitaire rules.

The game 3d solitaire is a casual and addictive solitaire card game. It has been designed to be as easy to play as possible so that anyone can enjoy it. The game's goal is to clear the cards from the table by placing them in stacks of descending order according to their suits. You can play these free online card games using your mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

Solitaire 3D features:

Quick Play mode: In quick play mode, you have the option of starting at level one or continuing from where you were the last time. You will receive points for each card placed to aim for as few moves as possible to get the highest score.

Daily challenges: Our solitaire game will generate a new challenge for you with different random cards and layouts every day. You can play many times, but only your best score is stored on the daily leaderboard. Can you outperform everyone else?

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